The Beast House

Fear the Alien. Hate the Alien. Kill the Alien – The Imperial Infantryman’s Uplifting Primer


The demonization of the Xenos in the Imperium of Mankind has the side-effect of a deep fascination for the outlawed creatures among the rich and powerful. There is therefore a thriving trade in bizarre and strange creatures so long as they can be proven to not pose any immediate danger to the Imperium of Mankind. The influential in the Calixis Sector will often pay exorbitant sums for beasts from outside the domain of the Imperial of man, even willing to risk the possibility of a death sentence to acquire such creatures. Into this highly illegal and profitable enterprise has stepped The Beast House.

Publically a house known to domesticate and train Imperial sanctioned animals for sale to the nobility, but though the true extent of their enterprise has never been proven, it is a little-kept secret that they traffic in Xenos lifeforms proscribed by the Imperium, and not even the sentence of death is enough to deter them.

Player Interaction

The Beast House was initially encountered through a representative on Solomon, and then later was one of the driving forces behind the chaos on Quaddis. Since that event they have come under increased Inquisitorial attention.

The Beast House

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