Pilgrims of Hayte


An apocalyptic murder-cult, the Pilgrims of Hayte are known for their viciousness and atrocities. Mere rumors of their presence in a particular area are enough to create near-panic among the populous. Their goal is a simple one, to destroy the Imperium and slay those serving the Emperor. The cults teachings and recruitment focus on the downtrodden, outcast, and criminal elements of Imperial society. Their core belief is that of nihilism of the spirit and utter despair, viewing humanity as a squalling blind creature at the mercy of the cosmos. To them, civilization, faith, reason, and love are all lies and dreams concocted by the Imperium to maintain their control. Thus the Pilgrims seek to sow destruction and terror in order to tear down this false reality.

The Pilgrims of Hayte are defined by the Ordo Hereticus as a “cancer cult”, as like a cancer they quietly and slowly infiltrate the unseen areas of Imperial society by establishing hidden cells that grow from within, until finally they become too widespread and powerful to oppose. Once firmly planted on a world, they will orchestrate a campaign of wanton madness and destruction. They often employ suicidal attacks by insane zealots coinciding with terrorist acts. Finally, they will unleash Daemons on a world as their final act of carnage. Once a world has been brought to ruin, the Cultists will slip away and begin the process anew on another planet.

Player Interaction

The Acolytes twice encountered the Pilgrims. Once thwarting their dark desires on Quaddis, and then a second time as they attempted to seize the legacy of Erasmus Haarlock on the Ice world of Mara. Both times they were resoundingly defeated by the Acolytes.

Pilgrims of Hayte

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