In the Spring of 2009, four friends got together to try a roleplaying game in the grim and dark future of the 41st Millennium. Dispatched to investigate a heresy involving a church on the world of Iocanthos, they quickly found themselves thrust into a galaxy of danger and intrigue.

Their adventures continued for three years, during which their tale led them across nearly the whole of the Calixis Sector as they were slowly drawn into the elaborate plot revolving around the resurrection of a Rogue Trader long thought dead.

Acolytes fell, worlds were in peril, and ever did the Ordo Portis rise up to fight the darkest of heresy, and bring back the light of the Imperium. For almost years they opposed the machinations of Erasmus Haarlock, until at last with nothing left to sacrifice but their lives, they sacrificed even that to prevent his return.

This is a chronicle of their tale.

The adventure is now finished, but its players continue to explore the 41st Millennium in Rogue Trader – The Hos Dynasty

Dark Heresy - Ordo Portis

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