A Very Young Arbites


Born on a transport ship The Patricia . As a young child he simply was a renegade ganger who ran the halls of the ship with his ‘crew.’ Eventually he was recruited to be a snitch on his gang, simply to help his single mother. That was the turning point in his life. From then on he became a teenage fighting for his life, against his former gangers members, and the members of the Arbites.

At this point being such a young person in an undercover operation he gained the attention of an Inquistor. Through other Arbites-Inquisitorial Agents he was transferred to another precinct to learn the Imperial Code and how to be an Arbites. After blasting through his course work and having a good party time. He was given his badge at the incredibly young age of 17. After working in the slums of Scintilla we was then moved to Inquisitor Graves retinue. Here he first meet his benefactor. Impressed by Inquisitor Graves, the young and imperssonable ex-ganger turned Arbities realized he truly wanted to serve the Imperium through being an Inquisitor, not just a simple law giving Arbites.

As an young person he was very impulsive. Enjoyed drinking, drugs, and women. Somewhat of a liability when he started, his indiscretions and out going attitude sometimes was a boon to the party. Other times not. For his skinny, tall, red headed frame, he was exceedingly resilient. Able to take multiple shots and broken arms and rebound quicker than any other Acolyte members. In addition to being able to take attacks from heretics, he could also punish them. Especially with his chainsword and his tactical training teaming up with other members to stomp out xenos.


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